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Online Bookings

Important Information  

Centrally located in Collins Street, Melbourne

Sleek and modern facilities

Light refreshments available after your test is performed

Appointment means no waiting

No appointment fee

  1. Address and Opening Hours

    Mezzanine floor (lift 3), 233 Collins St, Melbourne 3000
    Monday to Friday
    7:30am – 2pm

  2. Appointment times

    Appointments are allocated 15 minutes. Most patients will only have basic pathology collections and will require no more time. However if you see on your referral that your doctor has requested an ECG, Holter Monitor or Blood Pressure Monitor, please call Pathology on Collins on 9663 3056 to book your appointment and make us aware of the test you are having.

  3. Patient pre-test instructions

    Some pathology tests require pre-test instructions. For fasting instructions and other pre-test requirements Click here to view our patient instructions.

    If you still have a query about your test call Pathology on Collins on 9663 3056

  4. Book online

    Appointments are made online. No bookings will be taken over the phone unless you would like to change an already existing appointment.

  5. Cancellations/Change of time

    If you wish to cancel or change your appointment, please do so by logging in to the bookings area, or by calling Pathology on Collins on 9663 3056 to change your time. We appreciate that if you are unable to attend, you free up the appointment time for another patient.

  6. Registration

    All patients are required to register as a new patient for the first time when booking online for Pathology on Collins. After this initial registration, your login details will be saved for the next time you need a pathology appointment.

  7. Melbourne Pathology website

    For a full list of all Melbourne Pathology collection centres, in addition to other patient information, visit our website

Online Bookings